Board Game Design & Manufacturing
(Company Story)

Keeping with the mantra of everyday design and production, Board Game Design & Manufacturing continues to grow in popularity and preference due to their strengths in great quality work. Where our competitors are after your wallet, we are after your goals of producing a globally superior, quality game at a reasonable price that can be played for decades.

From the entire family, we welcome you to the game world and hope you’re here to join our hundreds of other satisfied customers. You’re going to love our designs and quality as much as we love making them, that’s our promise. Our on-site warehouse person, Wes Higa, helps coordinate our order processing, fulfillment and warehousing program, so thank you Wes for all of your help! Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas and one of our family or staff members will contact you as soon as possible.

Thanks to all of our clients (and potential customers)…from the entire Spahitz Family!

Michael Spahitz

(Owner, CEO, CCO, Game Inventor)

Michael was always a create, different thinker. Always creating designs and making inventions whenever the ideas came about. With friends and family around, he played many board games, card games and any off beat games purchased by his father. Later, he attended the College of Staten Island and then the School of Visual Arts.

In 1989, Michael Spahitz established a small media design company in Staten Island, New York. Working with top media & corporate companies in the Manhattan area, he was on the front ground of graphic artistry and product development work having started design on the first computer design programs available.

In 1997 Michael started offering Game Design & Manufacturing Services to individuals as well as large companies. The business grew rapidly from there being one of the fist companies to offer all the necessary services from design to manufacturing!

Board Game Design & Manufacturing has grown from that humble beginning to a large design and manufacturing company with warehousing opportunities operated by Michael, and other family & team members.

The Spahitz (pronounced SPA-HITS) family ventured into board game design and manufacturing just over 2 decades ago. We started with a well known game titled DOGOPOLY (The Original Game of High Steaks & Bones) that currently sits as a permanent part of history being located in the New York Historical Society archives. We developed the game kind of from an accident due to a concept that was created when the family dog walked across the board during game play. The design was developed in a matter of weeks and eventually the manufacturing was started. May other games have been developed as well!

Now to date, Board Game Design and Manufacturing has designed and manufactured hundreds of board games for novice & experienced inventors, and companies all over the world. With over 3 decade’s experience of helping others, the Spahitz’ best days begin and end with happy clients realizing their full potential of being an inventor and making their own success stories.