We Manufacture Earth Friendly Games!

We’ve been producing Eco Friendly Products for over 25 years!

What is an Earth Friendly Game or Eco Friendly Game?

An Earth Friendly or Eco Friendly Game is a product that uses environmentally safe & recyclable materials. We use recycled pulp in the manufacturing components and eco-friendly papers to reduce toxic chemicals, waste ink, and solvents in the environment. We also use soy inks. All this is without any price increase to you!

You don’t need to sacrifice quality or pay high prices for a product just to take care of the world around you.
We Provide:

Low Pricing

You won’t find pricing lower. If think you do, send us their quote, we’ll show you the difference in the quality & beat their price with higher quality as well.

Superior Quality

Just because we have low pricing doesn’t mean that we have to have poor quality. We offer 1-1/2 times the density/thickness of others. We are pioneering the industry in Superior Quality, while also working very hard to preserve the world around us!

Low Minimums

Only 500 quantity required for manufacturing.

Great Customer Service

We have a friendly staff that is knowledgeable and eager to help you to make a better quality product and can advise on ways to save costs without sacrificing the quality of your finished product.

Recyclable Materials

Our games are made of approximately 35% recycled compost material.

Soy Inks

Biodegradable inks that don’t pollute.

Metal Playing Pieces

We offer metal pieces that are recyclable as well as nickel plated metal.


Any items that require painting meet the National Guidelines & Standards set by the U.S. Government. You can count on us to stay on top of the latest products that have been tested safe!

Safer Games That Are Better for You, Your Family and Loved Ones & The Environment! Let us print your project and help keep the world safer & cleaner.