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Amasser Dragons

Amasser Dragons is a fantasy adventure game that lets you be the dragon you have always wanted to play. Gold and treasure is everywhere and you have to be cunning and ruthless enough to beat the other dragons to it. Venture forth and let your greed consume you as you amass your treasure hoard.
The biggest bed of gold is your ultimate goal and quite comfy. Loot and pillage to amass the largest treasure and become the greatest dragon of all time.

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Zombie Run

The game is turn based each player rolls both dice to see who is first then clock wise, the zombie hoard always rolls last (random player can roll for them) first player to the end `safe zone` wins ,if the zombie hoard makes it there first the players lose and start over!

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Road To Heaven

Road To Heaven is a fun, family-oriented, Bible focused board game designed to be as competitive and engaging as it is spiritually enriching. It is a game that will bring families together while at the same time teach all ages the books of the Bible and the scripture inside. There is nothing comparable on the market that can provide a platform to learn the Bible in such a fun and exciting way!

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The object of the game is as follows: (1) purchase various Malibu properties; (2) collect rent from the other players; (3) acquire the most money.

When a player cannot pay his/her bills, that player then declares insolvency and is eliminated from the game. The winner is the player with the most money after all other players have been eliminated. If You Like Monopoly...You'll Love MALIBU!,

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The goal of MAPPING is to reach the treasure marked with an X at the end of the map, where Mr. Behavior has hidden a secret treasure. Along the way as the child is faced with social and behavioral challenges focusing on 3 core issues: Anger Management, Social Skill Building, and Behavior Modification.

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The Hunt for Blackbeard's Treasure

A family friendly game where players have to roll dice and move around the board to accumulate resources (buying & stealing from other players) in order to leave harbour and set sail to Hammerhead Island (the supposed resting place of Blackbeard's hidden treasure).

Once there, they follow their own chosen treasure map around the island to where the map states that they can now dig up the treasure chest and find out if they were lucky to discover the treasure and win the game.

Board Game & Card Game Design


Need a Board Game Design or Card Game Design that will be done right the first time? We can do it while saving you time & money!

We Specialize in Professional Game Design

We have over 30 years professional design experience. If you are looking for a Game Designer for a custom game, THIS IS one of our specialties.

We take pride in what we do and want it to be perfect for you. While others make you feel like just another number, we make you comfortable with your project and make it happen!

From start to finish you will be involved to see the design as it progresses and it's not done until you are 100% satisfied!

Whether is rough sketches on napkins, clip art pasted on poster board, or hand painted art, provide us with your concept and we will make a professional, great looking, finished, quality product that complements the theme of the game!

We will create all necessary logos, graphic art & illustrations, packaging, sell sheets, websites and everything you will need to get your game manufacturing to completion. We deliver the games directly to your door ready for selling, or we can warehouse and fill the orders for you!




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