1 Insert (STYLE 4)


INSERT (STYLE 4) measures 20″x10″x3″ (1200 gsm. chip board)
Chipboard Insert Style 4 (10″x10″x3″) for QUAD-Fold & 6-Fold Box



BOX INSERT (STYLE 4) 1200 gsm. Chip Board
These are for holding your game parts and components in place inside the box. Also for holding the game board above all the game components. Just cut to the height you need and it’s ready to go! You can cut to make a hole in the center, or cut it short on one side to fit came components on the side.
Top panel measures 10″x10″, Height measures 3″.
– (STYLE 1) Quad-Fold Box 10.5″x10.5″x3″
– (STYLE 3) 6-Fold Box 10.5″x10.5″x3″